Holistic Health Therapy & Coaching

Your holistic health is vital to thrive in life.

Life is too short not to enjoy, so the healthier you are, the better chance you have of appreciating it.
We all are different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to being healthy and happy though; so our holistic therapists open the door for positive changes, no matter where you are on your journey to optimal health.

I want to improve my health

In challenging times

Your holistic health helps develop resilience.

Your health evolves in many ways, responding to aging, genetic predisposition, viruses, or distress.

These changes are the manifestations of inevitable biological and psychological adaptations. However, by looking at the holistic picture, you can turn around survival responses into body-mind resilience.

At the Health Mastery Collaborative, we approach the interdependencies and combined effects of these changes through holistic health healing, coaching and courses, to help you bounce back and thrive again.


In reflective times

Your holistic health is a path toward your true self.

The foundation for a holistic way of life is the awareness of your health state at different levels.

You gradually connect and peel back the layers built over time, understand the cause and effects of your state of health, and get closer to your life purpose as a body-mind-soul.

The Health Mastery Collaborative’s holistic health courses offer the safe and versatile space you need to reach your true self, be empowered through knowledge and experience, and determine your path to maximise your health potential.


How to maximize your natural health potential?

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A unique approach to health

We all have within us the natural ability to develop and maintain our optimal health. This life-long objective, sometimes challenged, becomes a more powerful experience in collaboration with people you trust.

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Our Services

Maximising your health potential through life.

The Health Mastery Collaborative helps you reconnect, embrace, and develop your personal resources by uniting holistic health learning, healing and coaching, ancient shiatsu therapy, modern wellness, and resilience coaching.



Discovering the principles of optimal health, understanding the reasons why a holistic approach to health is more sustainable over time and exploring your own path for self-growth.

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Partnering with your shiatsu therapist to identify blockages leading to unhealthy patterns, release them energetically, and build awareness of what a natural good health feels like.

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Partnering with your wellness coach to create a tailored and supportive platform for change; be empowered to design, plan, and implement healthy patterns that sustain optimal health.

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The way of Health

A proprietary model designed to integrate all aspects of life that sustain optimal health through sensory experience.

This is effectively the DNA of The Health Mastery Collaborative existence. It has come to life, grown and matured over all these years of Pascale’s Holistic Health Journey and will be your touchstone throughout your experience with us.

Like a solid oak tree rooted in mother Earth and flourishing steadily to reach Heaven, we seamlessly develop and adapt to our environment, we nourish and are nourished by nature, we nurture and are nurtured by other living beings, we heal from adversity through connections, rest at night and in winter until our unique story comes to an end.

What people say

I have been working with Pascale for the past 6 years, through retreats, thematic courses and more closely in one to one supervision sessions. She is a talented therapist who has and continue to demonstrate great commitment to developing her own work and to supporting her clients. I whole heartedly recommend Pascale and I wish her all the best with her new project.

Clifford Andrews – International shiatsu teacher and Director of New Energy Work - Norwich, UK

I had a treatment from Pascale and I really enjoyed it. She helped me to calm down and find some inner peace. Her way to “read” through your body is quite impressive! Also, her practice invites you to feel comfortable and relax!

Highly recommended if you need some Zen into your life!

Agnes Gaudron – Healing Client - London, UK

Pascale and I collaborated to support our Shiatsu School business. She brought with her professionalism and expertise which she skilfully applied to a small organisation.

Pascale is totally approachable and offered invaluable support during a challenging process. It was a refreshing and educational experience to have Pascale on board. I admire her diligence, creativity, and insight along with her empathic honesty. We laughed and cried together – though I did all the crying and she held the space with calm.

I recommend Pascale whole heartedly for her warm person-centred approach and her dedicated and sincere support.

Tracy Krikler – Shiatsu teacher and colleague - Greater London, UK

The Move course was a true journey of discovery, I never expected there was so much to learn about something we do every day and take for granted. Pascale has successfully brought together learning from Western and Eastern and created a coursethat includes theory but also lots of practical exercise to raise personal awareness and a journey of change. I found the section on the interconnection between Motion and Emotion particularly enlightening and enable me to reflect on personal experiences and situations. I highly recommend this course.

G. P. – Learning customer - London, UK