Holistic healing as a caring path

The Health Mastery Collaborative holistic healing therapy creates the space to help you compassionately acknowledge life’s ups and downs, energetically reconnect with your body, emotions, thoughts and values, and restore your natural equilibrium for a better and happier life.

Why get on this journey

Healing is an energetic space

Move through a fulfilling life and you experience a harmonious version of your whole self.

Experience ill-health or traumatic events, and this harmony vanishes, making you feel there may be a void.

Healing is an energetic space allowing you to recognise this unwanted void as an opportunity to turn your life into a compassionate journey, letting your sensory consciousness guide you toward a new fulfilling cycle of life.

Your personal healing space

We offer you a unique holistic healing experience by seamlessly bringing together shiatsu therapy, mindfulness principles, energy work and a variety of Eastern health exercises.

Unique, because only you create opportunities to restore the harmonious version of your holistic self; only you develop and experience genuine purposeful sensory awareness.

Our holistic healing coaching creates the right environment to grow this awareness and guide you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, so your authentic self emerges and reaches harmony with your social and natural environments.

Our holistic healing therapy experiences

Regaining vitality

  • Are you experiencing constant exhaustion?
  • Are you feeling disheartened by the intensity of your domestic or professional routine?
  • Are you confused about your sense of purpose?

Replenishing your energy and nurturing your whole self is what you are desiring.

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Restoring balance

  • Are you experiencing persistent stress?
  • Are you anxious about not being in control?
  • Are you finding it difficult to relax and experience overall happiness?

Aligning your body-mind and learning to surrender is what you are aiming to.

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Developing awareness

  • Are you looking to invest your spare time to health prevention and self-development?
  • Are you feeling enthusiastic by the idea of taking ownership of your holistic health?

Gaining consciousness of your body-mind-soul interconnected functions is what you are pursuing.

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Reigniting the spark

  • Are you recovering from depleting ill-health or experiencing ongoing health conditions?
  • Are you feeling passionate about maximising your health potential and improving your quality of life?

Reconnecting with your life force and forging your new oneness is what you are looking for.

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Partnering with your wellness coach to create a tailored and supportive platform for change; be empowered to design, plan, and implement healthy patterns that sustain optimal health.

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Discovering the principles of optimal health, understanding the reasons why a holistic approach to health is more sustainable over time and exploring your own path for self-growth.

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What people say

Pascale is a highly skilled and talented Shiatsu Practitioner. She combines grace with kindness, compassion with understanding, respect with curiosity, healing hands with healing words.Her deep commitment to her personal and professional development and growth makeher a devoted Shiatsu Practitioner who cares sincerely for her clients. Her profound sensitivity made me trust her at once and feel I am in safe hands. Pascale knows how to be supportive in the healing process, which creates a relationship of trust and confidence with the client. Pascale’s insight and intuition along with high quality of training make the Shiatsu treatment with her a life changing experience. I always feel inspired after our exchange treatments and long conversations. These qualities make her an exceptionally creative and skilled Shiatsu Practitioner who is willing to adapt her work to the ever changing and unprecedented circumstances to support her clients.Her vision is more relevant than ever. I am lucky to have a colleague such Pascale whogenuinely cares to listen and be present in challenging times.

Panayiota Giannino – Shiatsu colleague - Athens, Greece

I decided to try Shiatsu during a stressful period in my life, with symptoms including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and poor sleeping patterns. During the first session Pascale explained the benefit of the shiatsu therapy and she always creates a relaxing atmosphere.Pascale also gave me valuable advice on my health. The negative IBS symptoms have lessened over time and I can now manage it much better. And the effect on my sleeping pattern has been wonderful, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and this has had such a positive impact on my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Pascale as a therapist; she creates a calm and comfortable environment and the treatment has been of real benefit to my wellbeing 124

G.P. – Healing Client - London, UK

I have been working with Pascale for the past 6 years, through retreats, thematic courses and more closely in one to one supervision sessions. She is a talented therapist who has and continue to demonstrate great commitment to developing her own work and to supporting her clients. I whole heartedly recommend Pascale and I wish her all the best with her new project.

Clifford Andrews – International shiatsu teacher and Director of New Energy Work - Norwich, UK

Shiatsu therapy was recommended prior to surgery to aid my recovery. Pascale’s comprehensive approach included dietary advice and lifestyle changes that would maximise the benefits of the shiatsu therapy. Pascale creates a calming atmosphere which allowed me to feel comfortable and enjoy the treatment. As well helping me to optimise my health before the surgery, my sleep pattern improved, and I felt more energised during the day.The body and mind approach that shiatsu provided has helped me to recover well afterthe surgery and I feel I am finally in control of my health. I can highly recommend Pascale as a therapist and feel the treatment has really benefited me. 111

L. W. – Healing Client - London, UK