A personal journey to holistic health practitioner

How it all started

Since my early 20s, I’ve been passionate about personal development and natural healthcare, specifically the holistic human’s interactions with our social, economic and ecological environments.

However, holistic health practitioner was not the career path I started down; in fact, the two paths couldn’t be more different.
After completing a business administration degree I joined the corporate world, which was very stimulating, but after 25 years it was apparent that physical and mental exhaustion had created a huge discrepancy between my work/life pattern and my core values.

My true calling

My aspirations – to understand my true self and help others do the same – were unfulfilled and my health was seriously affected. My mobility was impacted by intense muscular tension, my stamina was diminished, and physiologically I was aging quicker than I should.

Then, nine years ago, I crossed the path of a lady in Hastings who offered to show me shiatsu for the first time. I entered her practice highly tense, frustrated and angry, with my shoulders up to my ears.

One hour later, I was floating in the air yet very grounded, and a neck that had never felt so long! I couldn’t stop crying as years of suppressed emotions released. This was the revelation my unconscious was looking for!

Back in London, I contacted the shiatsu school this lady trained with; serendipitously a discovery weekend was about to start and I never left the school until I graduated three years later in 2014 – this journey was meant to be.

I learnt to look after myself holistically, to see optimal health as the most important asset I possess, to accept my own limitations and that learning about myself and my environment is the key to health and happiness!

A year after graduation, with the comforting knowledge that my true soul had finally found me, I decided to quit my job and focus on my shiatsu practice, vowing I would continue to improve my optimal health while helping others find theirs. Over time I’ve realised that to achieve true sustainable transformation, I must continue my exploration of the holistic health world and have the courage to take innovative directions, hence my decision to launch THMC as a holistic health therapist, and embark on an Integrated Diploma in Resilience and Wellness Coaching.

My own path to health

This journey – one of recovery, discovery and self-development – was the most challenging, yet the most amazing and unpredictable experience I have ever had.
The Health Mastery Collaborative is the space I wish had been available to me when I needed it the most. A space to people in need, who want to improve their health and wellbeing, and find their true self.

Our mission

The Health Mastery Collaborative mission is to redefine the meaning of health, help individuals identify their barriers to optimal health, and empower them to design their own wellness journey.

Our vision

The Health Mastery Collaborative vision is a world in which every individual has the understanding required to maintain optimal health and to master their own personal wellness.

Our values