Why is a holistic approach to health more sustainable?

30 September, 2020

Months spent living in a pandemic have led us to rethink our approach to life. We have had the time and space to reflect on our fast-paced, performance-driven and segmented existence and face the hardship of long-established behavioural dependencies in our daily routine.

Collectively we have started realising that this approach is not sustainable for our health or the natural world. More than ever, a holistic view of life and subsequently of health is the recovery path for us all.

But what is a holistic approach to health? What are the benefits? How do we embrace this inclusive method of self-care and wellness? Let’s assess an example to understand this concept.

Someone experiences painful tension in their back and decides to address this issue.

First, the right step is to seek a medical diagnosis to confirm there is no risk of developing a more serious health issue. Then this person may spontaneously take some painkillers or do some physio exercises to alleviate pain. Over time the situation gets better, but some discomfort remains, and the pain is never far from flaring up again.

Why? As I often say to my clients, pain is not the enemy we want to avoid, but rather the friend that signals to us that we need to look after ourselves!

Here the holistic approach is to investigate the circumstances in which the pain comes and goes, using our inner resources and developing awareness of our body, heart, mind, and external environment.

Through this sensory experience, we can witness energetic reactions that may reveal the cause of this pain and the caring intervention required for a long-lasting release.

Every human being is born with precious inner resources; our breath and senses operate as an information processor so our body and mind can protect us. Being aware of this process allows us to adapt our nervous system from an automatic Fight-Flight-Freeze response to allow for responses of conscious healing and recovery.

In other words, by breathing into the pain and sensing our bodily, emotional or mental reactions, we may discover that our sitting position was not appropriate, or we were emotionally hurt by someone or we have too much going on in our life – we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders!

Every cell in our body contains an energetic centre animated by electromagnetic forces, making our body, heart, mind, and spirit energetically interdependent within ourselves and the natural world, using different levels of vibration. These vibrations represent the levels of consciousness we can reach to find answers to our pain.

By consciously mapping your energetic system and connecting it, you can access your natural inner resources, gain ownership of your self-healing capacity, and over time, maximise your holistic health.

This natural gift to help prevent illness and promote recovery nicely complements our precious scientific and medical comprehension of health.

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