Use your senses to unlock your healing energy

22 August, 2020

Sensing the world around and within us is like going on an expedition into the wild; it is a discovery journey, and only by letting go of preconceived thoughts and being led by the flow of life can you open the secret door that leads to precious insights about the state of your inner wild.

Using our senses to look inward is simply connecting both macro and micro energetic worlds, tuning them to reach harmony, so that the energetic representation of you is true to yourself and to the outside world. The perfect state of holistic health.
Let me take an example.

Our kidneys’ energy is very similar to the water energy such as a lake, a stream or the ocean; It is relaxed and strong, it generates power when it is needed, it provides the very essence of life, and it moistens our entire body.
The source of our kidneys’ energy can be sensed and assessed in our lower abdomen. If it feels relaxed, strong and warm, your kidneys’ energy may be at its full potential; if it feels clenched, tired and cold, your kidney’s energy may need to be nurtured.

Do you want to find out?
This 10-minute guided exercise gently takes you into your sensory world and connects with your kidneys’ energy. You will assess its qualities, nourish it, and experience the power of your senses unlocking your healing energy.

Download your exercise – Free & without obligation –

This guided exercise is only an educational sample of what healing energy feels like when awakening your senses. It does not replace your regular primary care with a licensed physician nor your complementary healthcare with a professionally trained therapist.

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