Move Course

This course aims to bring together Western and Eastern views of Body Movement for Health while offering a pragmatic approach, allowing you to learn and practice your learning at the same time.

How to move in harmony

Without movement there is no life

The Universe abides by the rule of dynamic adaptability, millions of atoms in constant movement.

The human body is no different. We are designed to move, and movement is energy. The way you move has a knock-on effect on your overall health, your physical sensations and more specifically, your emotions. Moving in harmony with these sensations and emotions also helps to safeguard your overall wellbeing.

Hence developing body movement awareness gives you an opportunity to understand your natural capabilities and move accordingly to maximise your health.

The course in detail


This course is designed for those who:

  • Are curious to know about holistic body movement to improve their optimal health.
  • Experience chronic pain and stiffness preventing a regular physical activity.
  • Are anxious to start a physical activity after a long period of sedentary lifestyle.

The benefits

  • Understand how your body functions while moving, so you start building a constructive relationship with your body without fear or anxiety.
  • Discover that pain and stiffness are not your enemy but rather a thoughtful messenger that helps you acknowledge what your needs are and act accordingly.
  • Appreciate your body is a complex machine that cannot endlessly excel in physical activities unless you consider your holistic self in action.
  • Take back control of your body and initiate positive changes that allow you to move in a way that feels good physically and emotionally.

The reward of experiencing these changes is a more harmonious connection between your body, your mind and your environment, feeling more energised and happier, while enhancing your overall quality of life!

What to expect

  • Objective: Exploring the concept of movement and energy and their interdependency through the eyes of Western quantum science and Eastern appreciation of energy (Qi).
  • Content: Without movement there is no life. Learning from the spark of life on Earth and the natural cycle of life development to demonstrate movement and energy.

  • Objective: Approaching body movement holistically and discovering why it is essential for your health and wellbeing.
  • Content: The holistic matrix is a connective thread that has no end and no beginning, allowing body movement to be understood through functional process, emotional experience, cognitive development and inner alchemy. The module integrates Western and Eastern viewpoints.

  • Objective: Developing body movement awareness as a path to personal growth.
  • Content: Focusing on one key lesson and recording a different guided life observation every day for a period of four days.

  • Objective: Identifying change(s) necessary to improve your holistic health and building your own body movement improvement plan.
  • Content: Personal analysis of your learning. Meditative visualisation of your changes. Planning and tracking your changes.

– Learn and practise your learning with videos, practical exercises, quizzes, observation and reflection times –

What people say

The Move course was a true journey of discovery, I never expected there was so much to learn about something we do every day and take for granted. Pascale has successfully brought together learning from Western and Eastern and created a coursethat includes theory but also lots of practical exercise to raise personal awareness and a journey of change. I found the section on the interconnection between Motion and Emotion particularly enlightening and enable me to reflect on personal experiences and situations. I highly recommend this course.

G. P. – Learning customer - London, UK

I really recommend the Move course. The topics are very interesting, very well explained and the most difficult concepts are easy to understand. The quiz at the end of the first 2 modules helps a lot to focus and memorize the key concepts. But the bestpart of the course are the last two modules where there are several useful exercises for discovering and changing what it’s needed. Instructions are provided in a pdf whichalso includes templates for recording key notes. I learned a lot, thanks to this course, and I am planning to do it periodically for improving my wellbeing and my approach to movements.

Annarita Levanti – Learning customer - London, UK

The Move course is very thought provoking and made me reassess the impact that appropriate movement has on my overall wellbeing. I now realise that I am often careless with my movement and not tuned into what my body and mind need. I will definitely be more mindful of my movement in future and try to spend more time outdoors! Thank you, Pascale.

Hilary Croft – Learning customer - London, UK