Holistic Health Courses

The Health Mastery Collaborative provides a six-part series of interactive online holistic health courses that teach holistic health principles and practical techniques to achieve optimal health through movement, nurturing, self-reflection, connection and rest.

Why get on this journey

The holistic approach

The holistic approach to health is an inclusive and sustainable way of caring for yourself that embraces both the connection between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions and your interactions with the social and natural worlds.

Learning about holistic health opens your mind so that you appreciate the complexity of harmonious health, you consciously accept the responsibility for your own health, and make educated decisions when maximising your natural health potential.

Our learning experiences

Move course

Body movement is the essence of life and it goes far beyond physical exercise. Our body is designed for sensory experiences, which allows us to evolve from the inside, and engage with and adapt to the outside. Body movement plays a major role in our physiological evolution, emotional intelligence, ideation and thought processes, even in building our core beliefs.

  • Understand why body movement is important to unleash your natural health potential.
  • Experience the current state of your body in movement.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your optimal health with body movement.
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Nurture course

Food, together with air, light and water fuel our life force; but we are also nourished by our relationships, our intellectual curiosity and our belief system. All aspects contribute equally to a harmonious and energetic centre from which we operate, creating stability and balance, and helping ensure a fertile, healthy and strong foundation for life for future generations.

  • Understand why body-mind-spirit nourishment is vital for your optimal health.
  • Observe how you currently approach self-nourishment.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your optimal health with self-nourishment.
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Partnering with your shiatsu therapist to identify blockages leading to unhealthy patterns, release them energetically, and build awareness of what a natural good health feels like.

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Partnering with your wellness coach to create a tailored and supportive platform for change; be empowered to design, plan, and implement healthy patterns that sustain optimal health.

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What people say

I really recommend the Move course. The topics are very interesting, very well explained and the most difficult concepts are easy to understand. The quiz at the end of the first 2 modules helps a lot to focus and memorize the key concepts. But the bestpart of the course are the last two modules where there are several useful exercises for discovering and changing what it’s needed. Instructions are provided in a pdf whichalso includes templates for recording key notes. I learned a lot, thanks to this course, and I am planning to do it periodically for improving my wellbeing and my approach to movements.

Annarita Levanti – Learning customer - London, UK

I have known and worked with Pascale both as a practitioner and as a holistic businessconsultant when she was contracting for the Shiatsu Society.Pascale was always committed, focused, efficient to any project she worked on. She has a deep sense of commitment and responsibility towards her work at the same time, she is able to hear others’ thoughts and comments. She has a good sense of humour and I’ve always found her approachable.Pascale would be I feel an effective asset towards any project, and I would be happy towork with her again in the future.

Adam Hellinger – Shiatsu teacher and colleague - Greater London, UK

The Move course is very thought provoking and made me reassess the impact that appropriate movement has on my overall wellbeing. I now realise that I am often careless with my movement and not tuned into what my body and mind need. I will definitely be more mindful of my movement in future and try to spend more time outdoors! Thank you, Pascale.

Hilary Croft – Learning customer - London, UK