Healing energy is within you, you just don’t know it!

28 July, 2020

During the pandemic, I was privileged to support my clients in different ways. Of course, they couldn’t receive hands-on Shiatsu, so I offered them guided self-Shiatsu individually or in group and distance healing.

They were amazed by their discoveries, realising they’d had this inner power to restore energetic balance in their body and mind all their life but didn’t know it. They also realised that physical presence is not always necessary to unlock their healing energy as their symptoms of imbalances such as body tensions or mind restlessness eased up or disappeared. But… ‘why is that?’…you will ask.

Energy is simply the electromagnetic waves or vibrations that surround us and are also present within us. The biological vehicles for exchanging energy currents are both our senses and our mind. Senses are the transmitters, and the mind is the commander.

Naturally, senses help us to survive and thrive within and in connection to our natural and social environment; but sadly, our modern world can make our senses either withered or prickly, preventing us from fully benefiting from them.

Naturally, our mind has the power to set intentions aligned with our deepest life values; but once again, our hectic modern world can make us restless and afraid of our internal affairs, preventing us from developing beneficial awareness.

Going back to basics is always a good strategy when we want to deepen our understanding of the world. Therefore focusing on your breath helps you develop awareness, and the more you expand your awareness the closer you get to the understanding of your external and internal senses, and the more opportunities you have to direct your mind toward self-healing frequencies.

In the world of Shiatsu, we identify four dimensions energetically interconnected that continuously oscillate between evolution and assimilation vibrations. Also, your body, heart, mind, and soul offer different frequencies that you can work on to benefit your health and wellbeing. Being connected to your healing energy is being in touch with your higher self.

Use your senses to unlock your healing energy

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