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28 February, 2021

There is no doubt that technology, which has been leading our industrialised society for the past 200 years, has considerably improved the quality of our lives – less physical strain, better hygiene, sophisticated medicine, food and clean water on the table.

Overtime, the simplification of daily tasks has given way to a sedentary lifestyle hardly coded in our brain. Rigid technological framework has made us unconsciously believe that we have full control over life, and we don’t need to rely on our Mother Earth to universally live and thrive.

Step outside, in an urban park, for five minutes and you understand that biological life is all around us displaying a powerful resilience – perpetual cyclical movements (diurnal and seasonal cycles), endless energy resources (Light, Air and Water), adaptability to disruptive circumstances, harmonious integration of biodiversity. The natural world has given birth to humanity, we are part of the ecosystem and we are genetically programmed to connect with nature on all levels.

We have moved from a natural state of connection – Biophilia – to a manufactured state of disconnection – Biophobia – and now, we condemn the negative impacts of this alienation on our health and wellbeing, to the point of labelling it Nature Deficit Disorder.

The human cost of NDD is a faded use of our senses, our breath and cognitive focus, a magnified blindness of our natural resources, an exacerbated loneliness from our biological binds, and a decaying interest in exploring our natural and infinite capacities of adaptation.

Reconnecting with nature is caring for our health, becoming human again, being in harmony with our environment and caring for the origin of life – nature. The circle is complete.

There are many ways to reconnect, but personally I found it amazingly effective to tune my senses like a musician tunes an instrument. For instance:

  • Walking barefoot on fresh grass in an early morning of spring (Touch)
  • Having a sip of fresh water from a stream source during a summer afternoon (Taste)
  • Listen to the deer’s slab during a cool evening in autumn (Hearing)
  • Absorbing the energy of salty sea spray after a wintery storm (Smell)
  • Waking up with the light of a sunrise or cooling down with the colours of a sunset (Sight)
  • And any of these tunes trigger physical sensations like goosebumps or emotional reactions like a smile. (Feeling)

Right here … stop reading for a second and reflect … What are you noticing?

The interaction of our senses with a variety of environments and circumstances offers infinite opportunities and by mindfully transcending these natural experiences, you encourage yourself to holistically receive from and give back to the energy of life. The natural healing cycle is complete.

These infinite ways of reconnecting with nature invigorate your physical functions, balance your emotions, open your mind to the unknown and enlighten the path to your authentic self.

Coming soon is a series of practical recommendations to reconnect with nature and feel good again!

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